Mar 23, 2009

The UBSU is done!

Rachel asked how loud my CPAP machine is. Actually, it's very quiet (31db). My DH is a light sleeper and it doesn't bother him at all. Which makes sense if you think about it. If a machine is being designed to be used while sleeping, it has to be quiet enough so that the person CAN sleep! I can hardly hear it myself: being hard-of-hearing is occasionally advantageous.
I didn't stitch a lick this weekend. And DH and I didn't get started on the new bathroom, but we DID get the UBSU finished! Yippee skippy!
Here's my side of the UBSU with my blueprint flat file that stores my cross stitching fabric.
Here's DH's side with the drawers for all his bow hunting accouterments.
And here's the end with more storage!


Rachel S said...

That looks fantastic!

Thank you for answering the CPAP question!

Gloria said...

Awesome UBSU! I noted which side is your side. When I grab the stitching chair, I can raid your UBSU drawers. ;-)