Dec 28, 2009

Beyond Christmas

DH and I survived Christmas. We traveled up to the Dallas area which was hit by the first Christmas snowstorm it has had since 1926. Texans do not know how to drive in snow/ice; they mostly crash. It snowed on Christmas Eve and there was snow on the ground on Christmas Day, but most of it was melted off by noon. It was pretty while it lasted.
It was a weird Christmas. We were unable to visit all of our relatives due to the weather and illnesses, so it feels unfinished.
We came home on Saturday afternoon and spent yesterday as football-watching couch potatoes. The Colts got beat (ha ha!), Denver did not succeed in beating the Eagles (poop), and the Cowboys won against the Redskins and clinched a play-off spot! Emma enjoyed the day by lounging all over her potato humans.
Today I am doing laundry and researching tractors online. DH and I have finally figured out that buying a tractor will be the best and least expensive way in the long run to get our driveway fixed and maintained. So I am learning more about tractors than I ever wanted to know. We plan to go tractor shopping later this week. Whee.
Our wood stove and all its varied and sundry parts have finally all been delivered. DH hopes to get it installed over New Year's. It shouldn't take more than a day if all goes according to plan. I'll take pictures of the installation process as it happens.
I've stitched some on the March boot and have until Thursday to get it done this year.

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Rachel S said...

Happy New Year. The Texans who crash must have had Marylanders as driving instructors. No one here knows how to drive in white stuff.