Dec 4, 2009

Weird weather and a sweatshirt

The weatherman has been making dire predictions of snow and/or sleet and/or frozen rain for us today. This morning, it snowed lightly for about an hour. Now the sun is out and the skies are clear and promise to remain so until Sunday. (If you don't like the weather in Texas, just wait a few minutes, as the saying goes.)
I stitched on "The Boys" yesterday. I finished the old tree and then stitched the spider's web. It looked dorky and overpowered that side of the design to me, so I frogged it and will add the spider button hanging down from a tree limb off one strand of floss instead. (Plus spider webs really creep me out.) Now I am anally stitching Mummy. And restitching. Ad nauseum. Eventually, he'll look like I think he ought to as the pattern is a "guide only, your results may vary."
On another topic, I love all-cotton sweatshirts and they are really hard to find. I found a website that sells them (Sahalie) and bought a blue one last year. I liked it so much, I bought another in the color purple. They are a bit pricey, but I just LOOOVE them.
They came out with a new dark navy color this year that I yearned for, but I figured two was enough. Then this morning I got an e-mail advertising a sale on sweatshirts, an additional 10% off and free shipping (code 13474), so I indulged myself. All the online stores are having sales and offering free shipping for the holiday season - yippee!
Maybe I can find another sale so DH will be able to replace the Polartec 300 jacket that he lost. No, he doesn't know where it is or where he lost it. It's not in the car or the truck or the house or the shop or at work. It is not in his deer blind (I made him go out and check!) He is not one to lose clothing. It was his favorite jacket and he is sighing a lot and lamenting its loss.
Tomorrow is the I35 Stitchtogether and I am greatly looking forward to it. We're having our 2nd Annual Ornament Swap and that should be fun. There should be a lot of large finished projects for show-n-tell. And of course, there will be food and fellowship.

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Rachel S said...

Have fun at your get together.