Dec 20, 2009

Party hardy

Well, the office Christmas party was a lot of fun. Due to the fact that DH failed to properly note the start time, we arrived half an hour early. No big deal as it gave us time to visit with the boss and his wife and their three youngest children who are fifth-graders and triplets - two boys and a girl.
As their dad had allowed them to have a soda as it was a "party evening," the boys (as boys will) discussed having contests with drinking the soda. I told them that that was silly; they should drink their soda quickly - "slamming it down" - and then have a belching contest. This was met with enthusiasm and much belching. (I'm such a bad influence. I regularly get myself and my nephews in trouble; I seem to do that with kids.) The boys' sister just rolled her eyes; she is a very mature and sensible girl for her age. ☺
The gift swap was fast and furious. As the boss also owns part of a business for hunting wild boar/pigs (he owns the "pig attractant" part - Black Gold), there were many fancy hunting knives as gifts and these were getting stolen by the men. Starbucks gift cards were popular among the ladies.
I ended up with four jars of home-canned jam and pickles! Yippee! And no, I will not share with DH. I used to can a lot. I will again once we get the propane line moved and my stove top hooked up. Right now, I cook on two electric hotplates, not the ideal thing for canning.
And how 'bout them Cowboys! They beat the Saints! We did not see the game as we don't subscribe to the NFL Network. Poop. I am sorry that the Saints got beat, but if they had to get beat, them I'm glad it was the Cowboys that beat them. Now if someone would just knock off the Colts.

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