Dec 21, 2009

I went to Wal-Mart before Christmas

Today I had to go to Wal-Mart. It was a mostly uneventful trip. Oh, it was crowded with shoppers and children and wandering people and carts and stockers and people and people and people, and did I mention people? But everyone was mostly nice and polite and patient, and most folks tried to smile.
Among other things, I had to get a little toy for both of my nephews. I made them each a Christmas ornament, but I know this will not "wow" them at this age. DN1 was excited to get to hang his on the tree last year, but an ornament is not a toy.
DH and I vowed to always make sure that nephews and nieces get a toy from us on Christmas, at least while they are young. We both remember Christmases where we got needed items like clothing, but no toys from relatives. While we appreciated the gifts of clothing as much as a little kid can, a small toy can go a long way.
I got DN2 a small truck, suitable for his age of one and a half years. He is following his big brother's example of being a car nut. I tried to think of something different (besides a car) for DN1, but then I thought, why go against the grain? I got him a Hot Wheel car that changes color when placed in ice water. Apparently, I am the car Auntie. DH thought I was nuts for getting DN1 something that needs to be dipped in ice water. I responded that at least it doesn't make noise!
For years I have threatened my DBro that DH and I will buy his children loud and noisy toys if he annoys us. (I really wouldn't do this unless I asked first, but it's fun to threaten.) When our nieces were young, DH used to threaten his sister with the same thing; noisy toys from the aunt and uncle!
I could have been the book Auntie as I love books, but my nephews have another Auntie who is the "official" book Auntie. She has the added advantage of finding books that she and her sister (my nephews' mom and my DSIL) read as children. This makes them more special. I still give books on other occasions, but Auntie N usually gives them books at Christmas.
DH installed the medicine chest and the new light fixture in the new bathroom this weekend. He also worked on building a small medicine chest to fit in the hole in the wall in the picture as the one we had originally chosen didn't work out.
While checking out at Wal-Mart today, a small child dropped her nearly-full McDonald's drink on the floor right behind me, splashing my jeans legs liberally with soda. She was distraught (mainly because mom wouldn't buy her another as she had not been careful with the first one), and she did help her mom clean it up. Her mom didn't notice that I had been splashed, and I didn't say anything because the jeans will wash and well, there are bigger hills to die on.
While the northeastern part of the country is buried in snow, we have balmy and sunny skies here. It was 34 degrees this morning, but is now 66 degrees. Tomorrow promises to be in the seventies. I love winter in Texas!

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Rachel S said...

Looking good on that bathroom.

I like being the toy aunty.It's fun.

Merry Christmas.