Dec 17, 2009

Ready to party

I stitched this in March and finally got around to finish-finishing it today. I had to - I have to give it away tomorrow evening at DH's company Christmas Party.
We always have a gift swap (with stealing) and I stitch something for the swap every year. Actually, I really stitch it for Georgia, the quiltin' lady who works with DH. I show her the wrapping when we get there so she knows which package to get. So far, no one has dared steal it from her! You don't mess with the head office lady!
The picture is barely passable. We have another day of gloomy and rainy weather. I tried taking a picture of my WIP, but it kept coming out too dark. Maybe tomorrow as the weatherman is promising sun. We'll see.

1 comment:

Rachel S said...

What a beautiful ornament! I love it! Merry Christmas