Dec 31, 2009

Getting all stove up

Yesterday we did indeed sign on the dotted line and purchase a Kubota tractor. It will be delivered Saturday next. DH is salivating. We have decided to call it "the tractor" as we have no need to differentiate between other tractors as we have only one. Plus DH said that he didn't want anything named Bevo sitting around our place unless he could shoot it. Spoken like a true Red Raider. (Irene, when I suggested to DH that we paint it Aggie maroon, he just gave me "the look.")
Today we begin installing our wood stove. DH will do most of the work. Here are all the boxes of pipe and rooftop pieces. Yes, those are DH's hunting boots hiding by the door. He thinks I don't see them there. He is wrong.
Here is the stove unboxed and removed from its wood pallet shipping platform. The door is still in a box as it was shipped separately.

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