Jan 3, 2010

Into the New Year

DH and I went to bed at our usual time on New Year's Eve and were awakened by shotgun blasts and fireworks at midnight. We're boring; we rarely engage in NYE revelry.
On New Year's Day, DH continued with the wood stove installation. We made two trips to Lowe's/Home Depot. DH acquired another power tool - a pneumatic palm nailer. It allows you to nail in very tight spots without swinging a hammer.
Here is DH cutting a hole in the ceiling sheetrock. The second picture is DH reframing and cutting rafters so the stovepipe can go through the ceiling and on through the roof. It is very important to do this correctly or your ceiling/roof line will sag at best or collapse at worst.
Yesterday, I went to the IH35 Stitchtogether and DH stayed home to continue with the wood stove installation and to hunt. No joy with hunting and instead of working on installing the stove, he spent the day cleaning out the drain to the toilet in the old bathroom. This is the only working toilet in the house, so understandably, it must be kept in peak working order.
The pipe under it is very badly done and will be eventually replaced. But the pipe clogged and DH ended up having to uninstall the toilet to clean it out. He also had to make two trips to town for supplies. It was a very yucky job. I arrived home to a working toilet and a very disgruntled DH.
The stitchtogether was a blast. There were many show-n-tell pieces to admire and we all managed to stitch while we discussed things of great importance. ☺ We also ate a lot. And laughed.

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Mary said...

It never fails to astound me that on these stitching days we have SUCH amazing conversations!!! LOL.

Glad your toilet got fix while you weren't there...you got lucky!