Jan 12, 2010

Tractor pictures

DH had to come home early yesterday to fix a PVC water pipe that had sprouted a leak under the kitchen from all the sub-freezing weather we've had. The longer we live in this house, the more we learn just how much the previous owners had run water all over the property.
We have hot and cold running water coming out from under the house near the kitchen. Who needs hot water in their backyard?! Maybe the hot water was for an outdoor shower before the house had indoor plumbing - who knows?!
We also have water (vertical black pipe) near an old iron stand that is now grown into two trees in the backyard. We think - as this house was originally a hunting cabin - that the water near the trees was used to clean game.
Anyway, DH was able to fix the leak quickly and easily and had time left before dark to cut more firewood with the chainsaw. Of course, he HAD to get out the tractor to move the wood from the wood pile to the log rack using the front-end loader. ☺
Here's the tractor with the front-end loader and brush hog (mower) attached. DH is loading the "bucket" with logs.
Here's Emma "inspecting" the seat. This was right before she discovered the rabbit scent in the wood pile and bolted off to investigate.
A happy tractor owner. It's all about the power tools.
And I haven't stitched a lick since last Friday. Maybe I can get some stitching done this afternoon.

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