Jan 11, 2010

Wild Card weekend

DH and I watched three of the four NFL Wild Card games this weekend - we love football. Way to go, Cowboys!!
The tractor arrived on Saturday morning. The delivery guy was a hoot. We stood around freezing our butts off talking for about half an hour after the tractor was unloaded and we received "tractor driving lessons." After he left, DH put the finishing touches on the wood stove and went out to cut firewood. He also spent a bit of time puttering around on the tractor.
I ended up going outside and helping because 1) it was a nice sunny (although very cold) day, and 2) I wanted to play with the tractor, too. ☺
Here is the stove all finished. Yes, it looks off-center between the windows. We will be gutting this wall and moving and replacing the windows, so we installed the wood stove based on the future window placement.
Here is Emma inspecting the inside of the stove before DH put in the firewood. Yes, she is always this nosey. I often find her "snootling" around in the lower kitchen cabinets if I forget and leave a door open.
Firing it up!
Here is the first fire! It is so nice waking up in the morning to a warm house! On Saturday when we got up, the temperature inside our house (with three space heaters on full blast) was 48 degrees!


Mary said...

I swear...that Emma is just too darn cute!

The fire burning in the stove looked so inviting and romantic. Enjoy!


Gloria said...

YAY! for the stove! Happy to see it is now providing warmth.

I wouldn't call Emma nosey. As the resident inspector, she is just doing her job.

Rachel S said...

Love the stove.

Those games were just great this weekend!

Terri said...

I missed the games but will watch the Vikings against your Cowboys. The fireplace looks great. And the inspector had to make sure it was up to her snuff lol.