Jan 20, 2010

You paid how much???

A while back, I bought all four patterns for the "Crabby All Year" series by Raise the Roof Designs. I had seen it on their website and thought it was right up my alley. I failed to notice that it had eleventy-billion expensive-but-cute JABC buttons.
At first I thought I'd just leave them off and stitch something in their place. Then I saw it stitched up on Daffycat's blog and really liked how well the buttons added to the design. So I gave in and decided to buy them.
I went in search of them on the Internet. I found sales in several online needlework stores, but shipping was a bit high, and I wanted to get them at a tightwad price. On a whim, I went to eBay. I found them new at about 25% off through a "stitchy" eBayer and shipping was very reasonable.
While adorable, the dang buttons were still over $45.00 bucks, though. *NOTE TO SELF - check all patterns for expensive buttons before buying them!*


Mary said...

I love that pattern. Gloria stitched it but I didn't know about the buttons!! Wow...that's a lot. However, like you, it's up my alley (need to get the pattern though).


Daffycat said...

I knew when I bought the patterns it needed buttons. I thought, how expensive could they be? ***faints*** Yah, about that expensive!

I had the best year stitching Crabby though so they were worth every penny! I'm looking forward to seeing yours!

Rachel S said...

I feel the same way. I did an ornament one time that the buttons were $20. A little ridiculous.