Jan 15, 2010

Those with "Y" chromosomes need not read

This post is about bras. If you are male, this post will probably bore you, so reconsider reading it.
For me, my choice of clothing is all about comfort. I like clothing that is not too tight made out of mostly cotton. Comfort, comfort, comfort. This includes bras.
I'm an average size and I don't like extra padding, underwires, itchy lace, or itchy and bunchy seams, or straps that chafe. I don't like nylon or polyester, only cotton with a bit of Lycra thrown in for helping the cotton keep its shape. I don't want my breasts mashed, squooshed, pushed up or over, or perkified. I just want them to sit on my chest in relative comfort. Bra manufacturers don't seem to understand this desire.
When I find a comfortable bra (an oxymoron, I know), I buy up a bunch of them because, inevitably, the manufacturer will quit making them as soon as I decide I like them and need more. This vexes me.
My DH has been wearing the same brand and style of underwear since he was 16 years old. It hasn't changed or been "new and improved" or discontinued. This is unfair. Manufacturers don't seem to mess around with men's underwear. They figure they have a good product because the men are buying them so they leave well enough alone.
For years, I wore a bra made by Dillard's. Then they quit making them. After my supply wore out, I tried in vain to find something similar and couldn't. So I decided my sports bras were comfortable enough to wear for everyday. Then the manufacturer quit making them, too. I was able to find a different decent bra for sports, but not for everyday wear.
As clothing will, my everyday sports bras began to wear out and I began looking EVERYWHERE for a suitable and comfortable replacement. Did I mention that I loathe and despise shopping for bras? I went to the mall. I went to department stores. I searched the Internet. I googled. And finally, I ran across an Internet store called HerRoom that advertises "Lingerie we buy for ourselves."
So I checked them out. For each item, they have several pictures, front, back, and measurements, along with an excellent zoom feature. I felt like I could really get a good idea of what the bra really was like. They also have sizing guides and customer reviews.
So, as they have free shipping for anything over $70.00, I ordered five likely candidates in several sizes (because we all know how accurate bra sizing is - NOT!). I tried them on and found one I liked. After recovering from the near heart-failure from my great surprise, I ended up with a new comfortable bra. The company that makes it has been in business since1860 and this style has been made for over 15 years. It ain't going anywhere.
The only drawback is the price. As we women well know, a "good" bra can cost from $25.00 and on up. This one is in the "on up" category. But it is comfortable (for a bra) and so I'm willing to pay for it. So I'm good to go for now.
I've been stitching on the BAP. I gridded the edges for the pages I'm stitching on next. That took a while. I usually don't grid things because gridding makes me crazy. Anyway, I'm now stitching on the wide border (over on the left lower side) that goes around the entire design with a boring light peach color. I've stitched and stitched and it doesn't look like much. This is gonna be a loooooong stitching year. ☺


Rachel said...

Thank you for the link to Her Room. I love that they show all the sides as well as how clothing may look!

I agree with you that bra shopping is one of the worst things in life!

Mary said...

Me too...hate shopping for bras. However, I need to, so thanks for the link. Um...do you know how to measure yourself? I don't remember!

Good luck on the BAP. I've been working on mine for 3 years now??...lol.

So, you been hot riding on the tractor lately?!


Monsoon said...

I agree, but i am of significant larger size...so that makes shopping at "normal" places even more difficult