Jan 6, 2010

Pipe up but not down

Thanks to all of you who read and who comment on my blog. I appreciate your notes and enjoy reading them!
DH took part of the afternoon off yesterday and came home to work on the wood stove. He got all the pipe installed from the ceiling upward. Tonight he hopes to get the pipe installed from the ceiling downward. Then he has to get all the firebricks placed back into the stove before we can have a fire. Of course, we don't have any firewood yet, but DH assures me that with his trusty chainsaw, getting usable firewood won't take long. Uh huh.
I won the door prize at our stitchtogether last Saturday. It was a stitchy door prize. I got some GAST floss, a piece of Charles Craft linen, a sampler pattern, and three fabric fat quarters that will work nicely for finishing the backs of ornaments. Next month, since I won for this month, I will bring the door prize.
Some stitchers don't care for Charles Craft fabrics because they tend to be stiff with a lot of body. I like stiff fabric for certain projects. When I stitch on Aida, I always prefer Charles Craft. For years, before I learned to stitch on evenweaves, all I ever stitched on was 16 count Fiddler's Lite from Charles Craft.

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Rachel S said...

Nice doorprize. I like the CC aida too. I always used to scrunch it up to break up the sizing, but I prefer to work with that over LNS aida. How our beginnings stick with us.