Jan 7, 2010

Tightwad versus pink

I was the lucky recipient of a Hobby Lobby (HL) gift card at Christmas. I also noted that HL began selling online as of January 1st. This gave me the opportunity to check out whether they had something I've been wanting to add to my stitching tools.
Those stitched floss tags are cute and I'd like to stitch one. (I don't use floss tag rings; I store my WIP floss in a Darice box.) Still, I'd like to stitch a floss tag. You need some way of installing an eyelet on your floss tag if you are actually going to use it on a floss tag ring. (I plan to string ribbon through the eyelet and hang the floss tag as an ornament.) Anyway, I'd read about the Crop-A-Dile, a tool that installs eyelets and snaps used by scrapbookers.
HL carries them, but only in pink. I hate pink. Did I mention that it's also a 40% off coupon week at HL? I hate pink. I looked around on the Internet for a lower-than-40%-off price. No joy. But I did find that the Crop-A-Dile is also available in a nice green color. But not at HL. I hate pink.
If I ordered the green Crop-A-Dile off the Internet, I'd have to spend ten more dollars plus the value of my HL gift card. My inner tightwad beat up my inner pink hater. My new tool and case, complete with 400 assorted eyelets, cost me $1.56 after using the gift card. A tightwad triumph!
But I still hate pink!


Gloria said...

You made me laugh out loud for real. Not only is the tool pink, the case is pink too! Knowing how you feel about pink makes it too funny.
But you did make a good buy. Even if it is pink.

Rachel S said...