Jan 19, 2010

Setting up the rack

I spent the morning putting together a fire wood storage rack we bought to hold our fire wood. I had to set six large bricks in the ground to set it on. Setting bricks and digging in wet south Texas gummy dirt is no fun and takes time. I had to make sure they were level. But I got it done. Now (if the weather will cooperate), we just need to cut some more firewood and fill it up.
This time last week, it was very cold; sub-zero temperatures at night, barely above freezing in the daytime. Today, it's about 70 degrees and I'm running around barefoot. It's only going to be down in the low 60's tonight. Gotta love the winter weather in Texas!
I'm still stitching on the never-ending border, but the end (of the page) is in sight!

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