Jan 29, 2010

Friday WIP update

I spent yesterday afternoon covering a paper mache` box with fabric and then lining it with fancy paper. I got the idea and the instructions from the Blackbird Designs blog. You will need to start with the October 27th post, then read Part Two on the October 28th post. The post on October 29th is also helpful. The PVA glue used can be found and ordered from Paper Source.
And I can't post a picture until after next weekend's IH35 Stitchtogether as it is my turn to bring the door prize and the box will be part of it. So y'all will just have to wait.
Here is my WIP. Confetti stitches are such a pain. The main thing I dislike about them is they slow things down so much. You can sit and stitch for an hour and only have 15 or 20 stitches done. Oh well. Any progress is progress.


Mary said...

um...pick me pick me...how much will you take in a bribe??

As for the BAP, this is why I haven't picked up "Isis" yet...way too many confetti stitches.


Gloria said...

I am going to start writing my name on lots of little pieces of paper for the drawing. I'm thinking a few hundred would be good.

Confetti stitches are the reason I haven't stitched much on Potting Bench by Mystic Stitch.