Jan 5, 2010


Well, we are still wood stoveless (with a major cold front on the way). DH was making great progress on Sunday afternoon. He was just about to go up on the roof to cut the hole for the stovepipe when it started to rain so he had to stop working. (Never mind that rain was not in the forecast - dang ol' Texas weather!) It rained for the remainder of the afternoon until after dark.
The only bright spot was that the Cowboys won their division and are in the playoffs!
Here is DH using his new palm nailer. You can see why it is called a palm nailer. And the second picture is of "The Inspector." She was trying to climb the short ladder to get at all the wonderful new smells coming from the attic and DH decided to indulge her.
I stitched on the March boot a bit this weekend and am close to finishing it. I can't decide if it's the last 2009 finish or the first 2010 finish. I'll probably count it for 2010.


Gloria said...

I heard about the major cold that is coming our way. I thought how cozy you would be with the woodstove. Sorry that the rain delayed the installation.
Happy to see that Inspector Emma is on the job.

Rachel S said...

Hope it gets done. Love the picture of Emma inspecting! We were overjoyed with the Boys winning.

Terri said...

We are really cold here it is 7 F mind you it is Canada lol.. My dog comes downstairs with me when I do laundry and sniffs at the cold air intake lol. It's so funny. Your stitching is wonderful.