Dec 7, 2009

Stitchtogether fun

We had an absolutely sunny and gorgeous day for our Saturday stitchtogether, although it was very cold. We had a lot of great food and ate well. We laughed until our sides ached and most of us got some stitching done. Our ornament swap was fun. I received this really cute Santa ornament stitched and finished by Melissa.
And here are the ornaments I stitched and they ended up going to Melissa! These are from an older Christmas booklet and I used a couple of small tuck ornaments I got off eBay from TrulyN2Stitching Designs. I've bought from Barbara on several occasions and she does very nice work.
Sunday, DH was hit by allergy/sinus problems so we ended up watching a lot of football instead of working on the bathroom. We'll not mention the Cowboys. *sigh*
Emma had a great day on Sunday as both of her humans were usually on or near the couch and under the fleece throw. She loves to nap on us when we are on the couch.
She got a little vexed with DH when he got up to get a snack, so she moved to the couch armrest in protest.
I'm nearly finished with "The Boys" and hope to be done this week. I'm still trying to make Mummy look like he should, and then I have all the buttons to stitch on. I'll post a picture when I'm finished.


Mary said...

Emma is just too cute for words!


Rachel S said...

Beautiful ornaments!

Emma looks so snug!