Dec 3, 2009

Do you goal?

Do you make stitching goals for yourself? I don't. I'm mostly a one-at-a-time stitcher and deadlines/goals make me feel stressed. Stitching is supposed to be relaxing and fun.
I'm always amazed at folks who do make monthly stitching goals and manage to accomplish them. I think they must have flying needles. My needle is slow and plodding, but it has fun.
I also get a kick out of folks who admit to having lots of WIPs. If I have more than three WIPs (current, take-to-stitchtogether, and MIL's BAP), I go nuts. I read a blog this morning where the stitcher admitted to having 44 WIPs. ACK!!!
I guess my goal for December is to finish "The Boys" and have enough time left in the year to stitch Sue Hillis' "Yo Ho Ho" Santa face freebie from last year. On January 1, 2010, I plan to start back stitching on my MIL's BAP and stitch on it until it is done as I'm tired of having it hover around my mind.
I've stitched on "The Boys" and Frankenstein is fully clothed now. I'm working on the tree and will stitch the spider's web and then Mummy. And then it will be finished!


Mary said...

My only stitching goal is to actually get something! But, honestly, I do have goals--kinda, as I'm always thinking ahead to the next project. I tried the rotation thing and that didn't work. So, for now, I'm just going to stitch a couple of small pillows and then finish a WIP.

Mary (who thinks 44 WIPS would absolutely overwhelm me!)

Rachel S said...

I'm learning to stop making goals. I can't keep up with them.