Nov 29, 2010

How was your Turkey Day?

DH and I spent Thanksgiving in down in Rockport, Texas.  We had the traditional family meal at DH's Aunt's and Uncle's house in Corpus Christi which is about 45 minutes from Rockport.  Everybody was there - all of DH's cousins and their grown and nearly-grown children.  One of "the kids" brought her new fiance' with her.  The food was very good - Aunt Sue made a new Paula Deen casserole which was out of this world.  Everyone pitched in in the kitchen which is always fun.  Uncle Jerry persuaded me, the official cooker of the rolls, to keep them in the oven until they were "very nearly almost burnt" which is how he likes them.  ;-)

It was too cold and rainy on Friday for DH and his dad to go fishing as is their tradition.  So we played 42 (dominos) in the morning and then went out for an early supper in Corpus Christi.  On the way home, FIL decided to take the scenic route down to Mustang Island along the beach, and we took the ferry across to Port Aransas and then drove home up through Aransas Pass.  There was a school of fish in the water as we crossed it on the ferry and we saw several dolphins feeding - pretty cool!

I'm always interested in "coastal people."  They have a love for the coast and the water.  One of the ferry workers was a woman around my age with a weathered face.  You could tell she loved the water and the Gulf and the wildlife.  She got a big ol' grin on her face when she spotted the dolphins.  

When we were driving down the beach on Mustang Island, the surf was very rough and there were lots of folks getting out of their cars with wetsuits on and carrying boogie boards with plans to hit the waves as the sun was just coming out from the clouds.  There were lots of folks camping on the beach or just sitting in beach chairs watching the surf.  They looked pretty funny all bundled up in coats!

We got back home on Saturday evening and we ended up having our first fire of the season in our wood stove as it was in the 30's that night.  Sunday, we spent most of the afternoon watching football until our backsides became as one with the couch.  Today, it's business as usual.


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Lynn D said...

The fire looks so inviting!