Nov 2, 2010

Thanks, Susan.

Did you vote today?  I did.  Less than 100 years ago, women were not allowed to vote in the USA; in some countries they still can't vote.  Susan B. Anthony was the matriarch of getting women the right to vote in this country.  Voting is a privilege and everyone should exercise their voting rights.

My weekend was wonderful.  The drive out to my stitching retreat was fun as I spent a lot of time driving through the Texas hill country - beautiful!  The retreat was great.  We go to this place every fall.  I like the food, I like the accommodations, but the chairs in the stitching room stink - conference chairs!  I won a doorprize (Pine Mountain Pillow kit).  

I made the mistake of looking at the hand-dyed fabric on the sales table and ended up coming home with some.  The colors probably won't show up adequately, but here they are:  Zweigart Lime Green and Renaissance Red by Lakeside Linens.  I have no idea what to stitch on the red fabric, but I couldn't pass it up.  I'll stitch something "halloweeny" on the green fabric.

I got a decent amount of stitching done on "Liberty Lane" in between talking with my tablemates and looking at the work of other stitchers.

In regards to weekend sporting events, as a Cowboys fan, I am now wearing a paper bag over my head, my Aggies beat DH's Red Raiders, and the Texas Rangers did their best in their first appearance ever at the World Series.  

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Rachel S said...

Lisa, we have shame as Dallas fans. DH is relying on the Ravens to have a good rest of season, or else the Redskins will be too much to live with. Your Liberty Lane looks fantastic!