Nov 10, 2010

Our Lone Star quilt

Here is a picture of the beautiful Lone Star quilt that our friend, Georgia, made for us.  The picture does not do it proper justice but it's the best I could do.  I was going to take a picture with DH holding it up, but alas! even at six-feet tall and with his arms extended while standing on our porch steps, DH wasn't tall enough for the quilt (it's king-sized for our bed).  So I took a picture of it on our bed.

All the fabrics are bluebonnet themed - my favorite Texas wildflower.  After admiring it on our bed, I flipped it to the back side to admire the different quilting patterns Georgia had used.  Feathers and stars and curly-ques, oh my!

It looks lovely on our bed and we anticipate enjoying it for many, many years.  Thanks, Georgia!



Gloria said...

Wow! Your quilt is gorgeous!
Georgia makes beautiful quilts. You are fortunate to own one.

Mary said...

What a beautiful quilt! I'm sure y'all will have many many years of enjoyment from it.


Ellen said...