Nov 22, 2010

A lumberjack weekend

I fully intended to post several times this past weekend, but I was too busy.  

DH took Friday off from work and spent the whole weekend getting our winter wood supply for the wood stove mostly in order.  We have several downed trees on our property, so DH spent all of Friday and a great deal of of Saturday cutting logs and branches to the proper size and using the tractor to transport them to our wood rack area.  

We currently have one half-cord wood rack with two more on order.  Last year we burned through a cord and a half of wood so we figure we need three racks.  And last year, every time we ran low on wood, DH had to go out and cut it and I stacked it on the log rack.  This ended up taking more time than DH wanted.  So this year, he figured on cutting all of the wood in one weekend.  As a lot of the logs are very large and our wood stove uses smaller logs, he planned to rent a log splitter.

Apparently, as the weather was forecast to be very balmy and nice all weekend, every other logging man in our county had the same idea.  DH could not find a log splitter as every place he called had them all rented out.  So he reserved a log splitter for the first weekend in December and will do all the splitting then with me stacking.  And we'll hope it doesn't rain that weekend.

I got all the logs that did not need splitting stacked onto the one rack we have.  DH also trimmed some trees and I stacked that green wood on our seasoning rack as it must dry for about a year before we can burn it.  You can burn green wood but it creates a lot of creosote and it is a pain to clean it out of the chimney pipe.

As far as stitching goes, I haven't touched a needle in a week.  Poop.

The Cowboys won their game and the Aggies and Texas Tech also won this weekend so all is right in the football world.


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Mary said...

uh...UT won also!! LOL

Your hubby looks really happy riding his big machine.

I'm actually stitching! Hopefully, your week will ease up so you can too.