Nov 18, 2010

Ornified ornaments

This afternoon, I ornified two ornaments that have been languishing in my blueprint flat file.  The first one is "By the Full Moon" on page 27 of the JCS Halloween issue (Sept./Oct. '10).  Yeah, I know.  Halloween is over for the year and I'm late.

The second one is "Nickademus" on page 90 of the the JCS Christmas Ornament issue for 2010.  

The mornings have been colder here.  I know because our dog is now getting up on my lap while I enjoy my morning coffee and read the Internet for news.  It's not that she loves me so much; I'm a nice heat source with an Emma-sized lap and she knows it.  And so I can anticipate an Emma-filled lap on cold mornings.  At least until it starts staying cold throughout the day and we fire up the woodburning stove.  Once the stove is started, she'll go back to perching on the back of the couch.  But it's nice for now.



Rachel S said...

Great finishes! They look perfect!

Ellen said...

what does ornified mean?