Nov 17, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

As a Dallas Cowboys fan, I have cautiously removed the paper bag from over my head.  I'll be keeping it close as the season ain't over yet.

DH and I had a busy weekend whereby we got a lot of piddly things done but not everything done that we wanted to do.  Make sense?  Ever have weekends like that?

The sun is out today and it will be in the 70's, although it's windy and it appears to be raining leaves.  Yep, we still have leaves on the trees down here in south central Texas, although they are beginning to fall and the trees that have leaves that actually turn pretty colors are doing so.

DH and I have never been big coffee drinkers.  However we seemed to have been infected with the coffee bug here lately.  DH was in the habit of drinking "choffee" every morning at work - an envelope of hot chocolate mixed with coffee.  And on the weekends, I had been drinking "choffee" along with him.  We actually bought a little four-cup coffee maker so we could indulge in this habit.

We've been making changes to our diet and discovered Stevia sweetener at our local natural foods store.  One brand, Sweet Leaf, has flavored drops, one of which is chocolate.  So we started having coffee sweetened with the chocolate-flavored drops.  We liked it so much that we've started having a cup of coffee after dinner (decaffeinated, of course).  And, much to my surprise, I am learning to tell the difference in flavors in the different brands of coffee.  (We like Maxwell House Breakfast Blend the best.)  And this week, I purchased some flavored coffee, Hazelnut Creme, and liked it.  What's next, K-cup coffee makers and grinding our own beans?!  Ack!  

On the stitching front, I'm ornifying DN1's ornament.  After I get that finished, I'll go back to "Liberty Lane" until my "Fifty-Five Trains" leaflet arrives in the mail so that I can stitch DN2 his ornament.  And I've also got a bunch of things that need finishing before Christmas.  I wish I enjoyed finishing.  I can do it and do it well, but I don't enjoy it.


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Rachel said...

All I have to say is once you go 'K', you wont go back :P

We got one a month or so ago and LOVE IT. So nice for coffee, hot chocolate, chai and tea.