Nov 5, 2010

Is it just me?

Or didn't there used to be a holiday between Halloween and Christmas?  Um, I believe it was called Thanksgiving.  It was a definite, defined and celebrated holiday and it was distinctly retailed.  Now, it just kind of blends in with Halloween or "Fall" and then the retailers go immediately into Christmas.  The only way you can tell it is upcoming is that the grocers start selling turkeys real cheap and marshmallows start showing up near the sweet taters.

I hate that.  Bah humbug.

There ought to be a law against it.  Retailers (other than craft and fabric stores) shouldn't put out Christmas stuff OR PLAY CHRISTMAS MUSIC until the Friday right after Thanksgiving.  Nowadays, by the time Christmas actually gets here I am so sick of "the season" that I could run screaming down the street.  And that's unfortunate.  The retailing gets in the way of the true meaning of the season.  And it's hard to avoid all the retailing and hoopla unless you live in a cave from November 1st until December 25th.  Which I don't.  Bah humbug.

Okay, off my soapbox.  I'm going to the Houston International Quilt Show tomorrow with a couple of ladies who are actual real, live quilters.  I'm just a quilting wannabe.  I've quilted a little and didn't enjoy it at all.  However, I LOOOOOVE to look at quilts and fabrics.  I went last year and had a blast.  There are a couple of stitching designers/shops there like The Silver Needle (shop) and Blackbird Designs (designer), but then Blackbird Designs also designs quilts and quilting fabric lines in addition to designing cross stitch patterns.  

The only bad thing about the trip is that I have to get up at o'dark-thirty and I don't get home until pretty late.  I'll be leaving the house about the time my DH will go out to hunt.  Oh well.



Rachel S said...

I like the music part of Christmas. I don't know why they put the decorations and the ads out so early. Especially when times are so hard--all it does is make folks dread the holidays. I am determined this year will be a year when I appreciate the season and enjoy the real meaning of the holidays. I think the last part of October through Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year--it's such a calm time.

Mary said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. The commercialization of Christmas has gotten so out of hand. I think it's why I am also so Bah Humbug about it. Love Thanksgiving.

We'll miss you tomorrow!