Aug 4, 2008

House progress and a little stitching

During our usual weekend of new house remodeling, we had a friend from DH's work drop by to help for a couple of hours. (And to check out locations for tree stands and feeders on our land for deer hunting with DH.) As he was capable (taller than me and male) and interested in a little demolition, he and DH (FINALLY!!) removed the railroad ties from around the kitchen doorway. Then, he and DH had fun removing the peninsula bar at the end of the kitchen counters. All of my kitchen counters are made of concrete and I do not like them. But the guys had fun with the sledge hammer, crow bar, and Sawzall. Removing the bar and the railroad ties really opened up the kitchen and made things more roomy.
I apparently never took a picture of the kitchen entry - probably because I disliked it so much - but you can see the railroad ties in this picture at the end of the cabinets. The rustic star is hung in the corner two of them make. You can see part of the bar, too, right underneath the little cooler.
Here is the after picture:
Here is what the end of my counter looks like for now:
And I stitched while keeping an eye on the Redskins/Colts game on Sunday night. I've been so "ready for some football!" I love watching football! I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan from childhood, but I'll watch just about any football game as long as it's not boring or too one-sided.

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