Aug 13, 2008

What you orta do?

I recently learned that an SBQ is a stitching blog question, and I like this one: what do you do to your thread clippings? Do you just scrap them or do you use them in something else?
I was delighted when I learned that the common name for thread clippings was "orts." What a fun word! And I chuck 'em in the trash. I'm not sentimental about them. I use a small plastic Darice box to kit up my current project. If I have room, I stick the orts in one of the sections.
If I don't have room (HBP with lots of floss), I use a small plastic cup that I've elegantly suspended with clear packing tape that is held in place with my stone drink coaster.
When I'm done with my project, I unkit and throw out the orts.


Daffycat said...

Stitching Bloggers' Question is a yahoo group...each week (or so) you are emailed with the new SBQ. It's fun and gives you something new to blog about.

Copy & paste this link:

mark said...

My mom uses the orts in christmas ornatments. She gets the clear ones at Michaels and stuffs them. They're actually very pretty. I keep telling myself to do the same, but I end up throwing them


Rachel S said...

it's nice to know I am not the only one who doesn't value these.

At least you put them in something. I throw mine on the floor. Bad habit, I know.