Aug 1, 2008

Rolling, rolling, rolling

For the last three days, I've been rolling paint on the bedroom walls and ceiling out at the new house. In hundred degree weather. Without air conditioning. Up and down the four-foot ladder. I am one tired woman. And I'm really tired of drinking Gatorade. However, the bedroom is all painted and looks lovely.
Last weekend, the tiny little water heater in the new house died. Whee. We get to buy a new one. Heavy sarcasm intended. It began leaking through its rusted out bottom and made a huge puddle outside of its lean-to home. The dog found the puddle and had mud up to her body (armpits?) on all four legs. She did not take kindly to having them washed off.
Once we get our new bathroom done, we will gut the old bathroom/utility room and redesign the space for more efficient usage. We will remove the water heater lean-to and put the water heater in the house where most normal people have them. I'll be glad to have the lean-to gone; I think it looks like a wart on the front side of the house.
I haven't stitched since Tuesday, but I did get stash in the mail! I will find time to post a picture this weekend. I had time yesterday to take a picture of my WIP, but the camera was out at the new house.

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LoriRay said...

Bless your heart! I know it's a ton of hard work but you do realize it will pay off. :-)

Hang in there and maybe you will get some stitching time soon.