Aug 20, 2008


A friend shared the story of being in his first spelling bee in the second grade. He was given the word "wheel" to spell. He got so excited (he knew that word and could spell it!) that he skipped in place and blurted, "Whee-ee-o!" I thought that was cute. So whenever I get excited, I say the same thing. DH thinks I'm silly.
WHEE-EE-O!! I snuck in half an hour of stitching time this morning. I was even happy to see the frog when he poked his head up briefly. I think my project was purring while being stitched on, too.
As usual, we went out to the new house last night to work. DH was installing some door trim molding and accidentally stabbed himself with his Stanley knife. Dummy. Luckily, it wasn't bad enough for stitches. Once again I patched him up with a butterfly bandaid and tape. This time I actually had medical tape so I didn't have to use duct tape.
I've been packing up "last of" boxes. I hate packing "last of" boxes. They take more time than any other kind. For example, you have the last of the kitchen spice pantry to pack. You end up with the box being half full. So you spend 20 minutes running around trying to find other things to fill the space that's close to the same item category or doesn't grossly clash with it. Some people may pack kitchen spices together with bathroom toilet cleaning supplies, but this gal won't.


Daffycat said...

Hey duct tape sticks better!

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Rachel S said...

You get another award from me!

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