Aug 19, 2008

No, I'm still not stitching!

I still haven't stitched a lick since August 3rd. I do fondle my current WIP occasionally and promise it I'll be back soon. I just don't know how soon.
DH and I had a weirdly productive weekend. We finally finished our glue-down wood floor. It took us much longer than we anticipated. Then I began to laboriously remove the excess glue and I couldn't get it to come completely off with the recommended mineral spirits. DH called the flooring company and the guy said, "Oh. Y'all will need to get some Bostick Urethane Glue Remover. Nothing else will get it up." Gee. Why didn't you sell us some when you sold us the glue and the flooring? *sigh*
DH discovered some more electrical problems. So up he went into the attic to run more new wire. Then, as he was doing electrical work at the wall between the kitchen and utility/old bathroom, he discovered more problems. Up he went into the attic again with more new wire, and then he ended up tearing all the sheetrock off the kitchen wall between the kitchen and the utility/old bathroom. And he found MORE problems. But, he got them all taken care of. We'll slap some paneling up on the wall studs for now as we plan to gut the kitchen soon anyway. I feel much better knowing my stove will have a proper plug-in, and that the refrigerator won't need a 15-foot extension cord to reach a plug. Of course, this wasn't what DH had planned to do during the weekend, but it needed to be done.
Last night we drove out in the truck to spend the evening working and encountered a problem. Our 1000-foot driveway has a big and narrow hump at one place followed by a big water-retaining dip. It was raining hard and we slid right off the side of the hump and got stuck in the mud. DH had to call a tow truck to winch us out. I did manage to measure and cut closet rod cleats while DH waited for the tow guy, but otherwise, the night was a waste of time. Oh well.

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