Aug 2, 2008

A WIP and stash

I'm making slow progress on my WIP. Here it is:
Here it is the last time I posted it: July 18.
Here's my new stash:
This is called "Singin' the Wash Line Blues" by Dimensions, designed by Adele Earnshaw. I love the colors and can picture it hanging in a lot of places. Only the birds, quilt stripes and clothespin is whole stitches, all the rest is half stitches. Even though it is 16" x 8", it should stitch up quick. I'll substitute Monaco for the Aida.
I blame its acquisition on an evil-enabling blogger who shall remain nameless. She posted photos from her new "The Stitchery" catalog, and I just HAD to go online and look at the clearance items. Normally I don't buy kits, but I found two I really liked. I ordered them, but only received one as the other was sold out.

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Gloria said...

I am fascinated by things in your house that I have never seen before. Like the railroad timber door trim with fake moss. Now I see a lean-to for the water heater. You just keep changing all the good stuff! LMAO
We missed you at the stitchers meeting today.