Aug 5, 2008


DH and I took delivery of a P.O.D.S. (Portable On Demand Storage) container today. We saw one in our local Home Depot parking lot and investigated them. As we are having to move in before all our remodeling is complete, we looked into renting storage space for a lot of our stuff so it won't be underfoot. All of them wanted at least a six-month contract. And we would have had to make repeated trips in our pickup truck to the storage place twice - once to take all our stuff there and once to pick it all back up.
Enter the P.O.D.S.! You have these delivered right to your door/driveway and load them up with your stuff. Once loaded, you call the P.O.D.S. truck to come and pick it back up and take it to your new home. The mechanism for getting it on/off the truck is cool. The P.O.D.S. is never tilted or tipped, so your stuff won't get damaged (unless you pack it wrong or too loose). If you don't want to or can't unload it right away, you can continue to rent the P.O.D.S. monthly for as long as needed. They rent for about what a storage place would cost. Cool, huh?! One of the guys DH works with said his brother used them to move cross-country.
They come in 8'x8'x12' or 8'x8'x16'. They have a tambor door that you can padlock and the containers themselves are impervious to rodents and insects. Here is the website: P.O.D.S., toll-free 1-800-776-7637.

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