Jul 30, 2008

A mellow day

Yesterday was mellow. Mostly. Our landlord continues to show "our" house in his efforts to rent it after us. It's like selling a house; you always have to be ready for it to be shown. So I had to spend a bit of time having a cleaning/tidying frenzy as it was shown twice yesterday. Er, as well as you can tidy with huge mounds of boxes everywhere.
I started painting the bedroom last night out at the new house. I got most of it cut-in and today I'll get the primer coat rolled on everything and will probably do the first paint coat on the ceiling. I'll also crank up my trim molding painting factory. I like to paint the molding before it is installed, then all I have to do is spackle/caulk and touch up paint the nail holes.
DH spent his time last night working on the new wiring. We're rewiring the whole house. Right now, DH must connect all the new wire to the old breaker box (the one the electrician we consulted with said was no longer listed by UL because it would never trip when it was supposed to). He'll install a new breaker box, but not for about a month, and we need power to the bedroom now as it's hard to work in the dark after the sun goes down.
But best of all, I got to stitch for about an hour and a half yesterday! That may account somewhat for my "all is right with the world" outlook.

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TinaTx said...

Thanks for stopping by! I had 5 blooms this morning - I'm really enjoying watching them bloom.
Glad you got some stitching in. Have fun with the painting. :)