Jul 3, 2008

Bowled, but not tanked, old trucks, and babies

Well, I've stitched a little bit on my PS "Spring" panel. I got the panel outline done and stitched part of a bunny butt on Tuesday. That was the last I stitched. And today isn't looking good either.
Yesterday, I spent the morning running around doing errands, including taking my DH's hospital call bag and the above knee (AK) prosthesis he fit the day before up to work for him as he left them in the Jetta. I am having to drive our Jetta as my beloved Old Faithful the '88 Chevy Truck is no longer reliable and DH won't let me drive it anywhere unless he is with me. Old Faithful burns about a quart of oil every two days, eats spark plugs on a monthly basis, has worn out springs, loose steering, and a wonky transmission. In fact, we are looking for a used "new" truck. I think I'll mourn deeply when Old Faithful goes; he and I have been together for over 20 years!
During my errands, I went to Lowe's to buy a toilet. Not just any toilet, but one that has been researched extensively as to its flushing power. Water conservation is a moot point if you have to flush two or three times to empty the bowl. Lowe's had the bowl, but not the tank. In fact, they had four boxes of bowls, but no tanks. Yes, they are on backorder. Yes, they know they should have them in stock. Yes, they know they look foolish with only the bowl in stock. Ma'am, have you tried Home Depot? No, I haven't, but I will. I did and Home Depot had the toilet I wanted (both parts!).
After my errands, I went out to the house to work. I polyurethaned one door that I stained last week, and primed another door for painting. DH joined me after work and did some more electrical work. He spent 45 minutes trying to find out why the bathroom light/fan he was wiring would "fan" but not light. Turns out it wasn't his wiring job; the light bulb he was using to test it was bad.
The whole time we were out at the house, we kept listening for the phone to ring. My newest nephew was due last week and we keep expecting him to make his appearance. I may be singing, "Born on the Fourth of July" to him if he doesn't make it today.

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