Jul 22, 2008

Sundry topics

Thanks for reading my blog and leaving comments, y'all! I appreciate it!
First off, let me say ippity blippity bleepin' frog! I sneaked in some stitching time this morning and was feeling pretty chuffed (as a UKer would say), when I realized I would have to frog. I found a stitch leg that I had crossed over two legs instead of one. Whee.
I'm not one who minds doing laundry. However, socks are my least favorite thing to sort and fold. Laundry in the summer is nice as there are usually very few socks as I go barefoot 99% of the time. This summer, due to the wearing of shoes while working out at the new house, I have lots of socks to fold. *grumblemumblewhine*
DH and I continue to discover just how bad our contractor was. We noticed that the new windows in the addition are one-inch higher than the new windows in the original part of the bedroom. This is due to the way the addition is attached to the house and where the bottom plate in the wall is located. A savvy framer would have taken this into account and the contractor apparently did not employ one. Now, no one is going to walk into our bedroom and say, "Hey! Did you know that the windows over there are about one-inch higher than the ones over here?" But it's the principle of the thing and the contractor's repeated lack of attention to detail.
On a happy note, we now have sheetrock on all the ceilings that needed it. We also have insulation in 95% of the bedroom walls and are ready to begin sheetrocking them!

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Gloria said...

Be careful which direction you kick that frog. Dolly might blow him right back!

Love to see the pictures of your progress. I'm glad you fired that contractor when you did. No tellin' how many more things would be wrong.