Jul 10, 2008

A grumpy stitcher

I'm a grumpy stitcher, mainly because I haven't much lately. I sat down on Tuesday night to stitch, but DH was working on the lawnmower and I ended up doing fetch and find duty for him about every 10 or so minutes. I think I put maybe eight stitches in. Oh well. At least the lawnmower is fixed now.
Yesterday, I spent the day out at the new house painting a door and trim molding for the pocket doors. A young co-worker of DH's came out to pull nails out of the den ceiling for me. When DH pulled down the old sheetrock, the nails were left behind along with bits of fiberglass fluff.
It was supposed to be my job to pull all these nails down. I did the ceiling in the bedroom and my knees complained for two days afterwards. Vertically challenged people must use ladders to pull ceiling nails. Well, I started on the den ceiling and my knees REALLY complained. Plus, I kept getting bits of fiberglass fluff on me. I hate fiberglass as it makes me itch like mad. I grumped at DH, "I'd pay somebody fifty bucks to do this job!!" DH said, "Fine. I'll ask Preston if he'd like to make easy money."
Preston is a recent high school graduate who works part-time where DH does. He's a really nice young man. And he's tall. Preston had the ceiling nails pulled in about 45 minutes and he didn't need the ladder. He was fun to talk to, also. Tightwads know the value of everything, and to me, that was the best fifty bucks I've spent recently!
As DH plans to begin sheetrocking this weekend, we're paying Preston to come out and help DH hang it. I am a strong and capable woman, and quite willing to help, but I'm short. DH worries about stuff falling on me or me falling off my ever-present ladder. He won't worry about that with Preston helping.
Here's a picture of the back of the house before the addition.
Here's a picture after the addition has been added. This is our bedroom bathroom and closet.

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