Jul 13, 2008

Itching like mad

I haven't stitched all weekend. Poop. DH and I have spent most of the last two days out at the new house. We had to perform TLC on the ceiling rafters before putting up the new sheetrock. This entailed "piggy-backing" over half of the joists. When you piggy-back a joist, you place another one right next to it and then nail the two to each other. We also had to add some joist and rafter straps to tie everything together. That was my job. I can swing a hammer with the best of them. Here's a picture of our wonderful joist renovation!
Now, remember that when DH tore down the ceiling, he removed the old fiberglass insulation. Well, most of it. Every single time DH or I hit a nail into one of those joists, it shook loose dirt and fiberglass fluff. On average, each joist required 40 nails to piggy-back it. Each joist or rafter strap required eight nails. ACK! I hate fiberglass! I've been scratching for two days! I will be SO glad when the sheetrock is up on the ceiling again.
After we repaired the joists, DH hung the duct work for the central heat and air conditioning that we will eventually install.

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