Jul 29, 2008

Warning! I have two X chromosomes and I know how to use them!

Very heavy sarcasm on. "Hypothetical" situation to follow.
Three people are standing in a room. Two of them have both X and Y chromosomes. The third person has two X chromosomes. When two or more XY people are together, situational deafness occurs. This renders them pretty much unable to hear, understand, or implement anything any XX person says to them.
The XY people are about to begin a very messy job that will get stuff all over the floor. They do nothing during their preparation for the job regarding protecting the floor. The XX person suggests several ways to protect the floor and offers to fetch the appropriate materials which are nearby. The XY people do not acknowledge this information and continue on with the messy job. The job is very messy and involves a form of mud and copious amounts of water.
Fast forward to the next day. The XY person wants to proceed with the next phase of the job, which is painting. The XX person wisely states that the previous job's mess must be cleaned up first. The XY person (who is now able to hear most of what the XX person is saying) says that it can wait and it shouldn't take too long anyway. The XX person insists.
The job of cleaning the mess takes six hours and involves tediously scrapping and both hand- and rotary-sanding the floor. Water damage is discovered and noted by the XX person; this damage is seen and acknowledged by the XY person. During all of this time-wasting cleaning brought on by lack of proper preparation, the XX person remains mostly calm and doesn't speak. The XX person doesn't speak to prevent the loud and probably strident voicing of many, many bad words.
After the cleaning job is finished, the XX person informs the XY person that starting now, no job shall be started unless it is properly prepped. Such prepping must be approved for effectiveness by the XX person before the job is allowed to proceed, especially if the job is to be done by one or more XY people. The XY person accedes to this decree, thankful to still be among the living and not duct-taped to a wall somewhere.


Daffycat said...

Oh, dear. It sounds like you had a very busy day. ***hugs***

becca said...

Don't you wish people would just listen!! Grrrrr...Sorry you had such a rough time.

TinaTx said...

I've had two (or more) of those XY people working at my house on occasion. They are all missing the 'preparation, cover something up before you start, gene' - they also have that 'we will clean it up later (when it is hard as concrete) gene!
Bless your heart for keeping your mouth shut and not saying dirty words. I'm not usually that restrained.