Jul 24, 2008

DH's boss is...

...a really great guy. I'll explain why. No, the dog isn't ours. No, DH's boss doesn't look like a dog. I got the picture off Photobucket - I thought the dog and his name was cute.
DH has been taking Mondays off so we can spend it working on the new house. We've been spending just about every spare waking moment out there working. We have to be out of our rent house soon, and we're racing that deadline.
The next big job is taping/bedding and texturing all the sheetrock that is going up. DH and I can do all that, and do it quite well, but we both hate doing it with a flaming purple passion. So much so that we are hiring it done. We are hiring DH's technician at work, Billy, (who has done this both full- and part-time for years) to do it for us. And Billy is very fast and is a true craftsman.
Yesterday, DH's boss told him that he was giving Billy and him the day off on Friday (with pay) so that the work could get done sooner. Is that cool or what?!

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Rachel S said...

That is awesome!