Jul 16, 2008

Yippee skippy! Stash in the mail!

DH and I took the night off last night, so I got to stitch. Yeehaw! And I got stash in the mail yesterday.
One item was a leaflet I've been on the lookout for. I collect Texas-themed patterns and this one is OOP ("Texese" by Linda Jary of The Scarlet Thread) . I finally found one on eBay and it came in the mail on Monday.
Then, due to evil enabling by another blogger who shall remain nameless, I ordered my first Mill Hill kits ever. The evil enabling blogger told me she bought her kit at her LNS. So, in the interest of keeping an LNS in business, I ordered from there directly instead of ordering from Mill Hill. I actually visited this LNS - Cross Stitch Haven - once when I lived in Oklahoma. It's a very nice place with tons of patterns and fibers and fabrics. Lots of shop models, too. And the owner is very nice.
Normally, I wouldn't buy a frame as DH can make them for me. But as I foresee that he will be busy making/building things for the new house, I decided to go ahead and buy the matching frame "just this one time." Frame making will be way down on his list of "things that must get made."


Daffycat said...

What did we ever do without ebay? Great stash there! I visited CSH about two weeks ago! I agree, nice shop.

Gloria said...

I wonder if I am related to the evil blogger who enabled you. LOL