Jul 15, 2008

Stitching withdrawal

I haven't stitched a lick in days. I'm going through withdrawal. I've been too busy during the day to stitch, and either too tired or too dirty to stitch at night. Oh well. At least the work on the house is getting done.
We have a three-foot tall pile of sheetrock in the new house. Our dog loves to get up on top of things, especially if it allows her to look out of windows. She quickly took advantage of the view from atop the sheetrock pile.


Daffycat said...

I hope you're reminding yourself that this will all be finished one day! BTW...your last post made ME itch!

Hope you'll soon feel like stitching again!

Hi! I'm Michelle said...

I love your dog! That's a great photo! Gives new meaning to "climbing the walls". LOL!