Jun 30, 2008

War, wire, and whining

On Friday, I was stung by a wasp for the first time ever in my life right on the top of my head! Ippity, blippity, bleepin' bug! We have tons of wasps out at the new house. I have a feeling we'll be waging war with them from now on. I used to have a kind of "live and let live" attitude toward them. Now I grab the wasp spray and aim with a vengeance whenever I see one. No more nice guy when it comes to wasps; they need to be dead.
Saturday, DH and I got most of the electrical stuff done on the addition. DH pulled and ran wire and I set boxes and then wired in the plugs/switches, something I'd never done before. I'm very handy with tools, so it was no big deal to learn. DH usually does all the electrical stuff, but it made more sense time-wise for us to work together. We have to be out of our rent house by the end of July, so the house needs to be live-in-able by then.
I'm going to whine now. Due to working on the new house, so far this summer, I've spent more time with shoes on my feet than off. You can't go barefooted out at a construction site, at least not unscathed. And for the same reason, I've spend most of my days in one of my four "dirty-job" sets of t-shirts and shorts. These are old, holey, and previously stained clothes that are not fit to be seen in public in (except at Lowe's or Home Depot). Because of this, you don't care if you get more crud on them (paint, stain, oil, dirt, etc.). All my nicer summer clothes are languishing in the closet.
On a good note, I bought stash. I was looking through the "New Fabric!" section at 1-2-3 Stitch! and found some linen banding that I think will work for the JBW pear, apple and pumpkin designs I want to stitch as a bellpull. And I only had to buy half a yard instead of a whole one.


Gloria said...

Sorry about the wasp sting. Ouch!
I hate FSTs! (Flying Stinging Things)
I'm amazed at the progress on the house. Looking forward to more pictures.

Daffycat said...

Ouchie! I hate wasps! I'm sorry you can't wear your pretty summer clothes yet...the time will come when you can; look forward to having the house done!