Jun 5, 2008

Duh. And she's not blonde.

While browsing blogs this morning while munching my morning bowl of oatmeal and walnuts (with brown sugar and cinnamon, of course), I stopped by Michelle's blog and read with interest her entry regarding an audio tape.
Actually the entry was about an audio book. As a hard-of-hearing (HoH) person, audio books don't interest me. I have a hard time understanding the reader - especially female readers - and usually end up frustrated and annoyed because I have to keep playing back portions because I misheard them and didn't understand what was being said. Besides, I read faster than anyone can read aloud anyway. I was relieved to see that a print book was available.
That reminded me of a recent encounter with a nameless person. This person shall remain nameless to protect them from numerous and incredulous "duh!" looks. This person is not a blonde. This person mentioned that she had listened to a great audio tape of a speech recently and that I would probably like it and that she would loan it to me. I graciously thanked her for her offer and then gave her my "why HoHs don't like audio tapes" spiel. She replied, "Don't they have to close-caption those for the deaf?"