Jun 23, 2008

A fine mess

Thank y'all for the kind comments regarding my bovine finish. As I was unkitting the bovine and rekitting up the "Wild Things" HBP for my MIL, I realized, "Hey! Why is my Tacky BOB sitting here with five beads in it?" I had forgotten to add them to the bovine (cactus flowers and bovine eyes). So I added them. The bovine for now will be washed and ironed and laid away in my finished project box. I'll probably frame it, but not in the near future.
DH spent Saturday ripping out the ceiling in the den area of the new house. The house sat vacant for about four years, and then had questionable tenants in it for six months before we bought it. During the vacancy, wildlife moved into the attic space. The tenants tore off a fascia board in order to get satellite cable to every room in the house. This allowed the wind to blow up in the attic and tangle and shred the fiberglass insulation. Morons.
Since we aren't yet living in the house, DH wanted to get this very messy and yucky job done now. It's a good thing; we need to do a little TLC on some of the ceiling joists. Also, I was pleased that DH was able to remove the remains of several critters, including a flattened and mummified squirrel. ACK!
Here are pictures of the "fun with fiberglass." DH filled up eight large trash bags with insulation.

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Daffycat said...

I won't bead without my Tacky BOB!!! That's one of the handiest things I've ever bought. I'm glad you found your omission before finishing the cow into something!