Jun 19, 2008

Powered up

DH and I currently have two residences. We live in a rent house while we are doing renovations on our new house. Therefore we have two accounts with the water and electric companies. DH has gone to great lengths to make sure of our continued access to water and power by making numerous pre-closing phone calls to both companies. Supposedly, all is squared away.
Yesterday, I came home from grocery "shocking" to find our power off at the rent house. Yep, the power company turned it off "at our request" according to them. Uh, no, we didn't make such a request; we still live here. DH had even called and double-checked on having two open accounts last week because the power company sent the bill for the rent house to the new house address. The bank monkeys apparently work for the power company, too.
We finally got the power turned back on after four phone calls. *sigh* Then we went out to the new house to work and check on progress. The walls on all sides of the addition are up!
This picture is from the bedroom looking out onto the floor of the addition (bathroom and closet) on Monday.
This picture is of the addition last night (with walls!).
I did get to stitch a bit last night and I'm on the home stretch with my bovine. Hopefully a finish will happen this week!

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Lisa said...

It's getting there. Love the pink 2x4's hehehe.