Jun 27, 2008

Kitting-up again, another WIP

No, don't get all excited; I haven't crossed over to the dark side of multiple WIPs. I sat down to start JBW's "French Country Apple" and realized that the banding I had was too narrow. How did I do that? Who knows? So I went on an Internet search to find some wider banding. Found some. Didn't want a whole yard. I'll be going to Ginger's in Austin next weekend and I'll look there. Ginger sells it by the inch.
So, I decided to do the last panel from Prairie Schooler's "Country Seasons" seen here. All I have left is the Spring panel and I'll be finished with the whole bellpull. Of course, the booklet with this pattern in it is in a box somewhere. As I am the queen of packing up and moving (and anally labeling boxes), I will be able to find it quickly. Off to dig in a box and then kit-up!


LoriRay said...

Please call Ginger's first and make sure she has it in stock. Mom says Ginger's cross-stitch inventory has been getting worse and worse, even the fabrics. :(

So...are you saying those of with multiple WIPs live on the dark side? Well, I have news for you -- we have chocolate on the dark side. Hah! ;-)

LoneStar said...

When your're one with the force, you can find chocolate on all sides - even dark chocolate! I like to be surrounded by chocolate, don't you? :-)