Jun 4, 2008

Now you see it, now you don't

We are still dealing with inadequate fencing and cows. I haven't stitched since Sunday. Wah.
The contractor starts later this week on the addition to our bedroom. He is not doing a complete finish out. DH and I will be doing a lot of the inside work ourselves, including insulating the walls, sheetrocking, electrical, plumbing, tiling of the bathroom, flooring, etc. Although we can both tape and bed quite well, we both hate it with a flaming purple passion and are hiring it done. Anyway, DH is nearly finished gutting the bedroom COMPLETELY to the studs. Here is a "before" picture:
Here are "after" pictures:

1 comment:

TinaTx said...

Isn't it typcial when you start any remodel project that it become more involved than you planned? Yep - we have done our share of those kinds of projects.
Don't blame you one bit for hiring out the tape and bed job - I hate doing that!
Looking forward to more progress pictures.