Jun 17, 2008

A short meme

Here's a meme I saw on Kendra's blog:
Where were you 10 years ago? Living in Wichita, Kansas. DH and I were in the application process for serving with an international children's ministry.
What are five things on your to do list for today? 1) get more boxes packed for our move, 2) stitch some on my bovine, 3) file some bills away, 4) put a second coat of stain on the bedroom door out at the new house, and 5) get the usual daily household chores done.
What are your favorite snack foods? Vanilla yogurt with nuts, granola or chopped apple, tortilla chips with black bean and corn hot sauce, 1/8 cup of dark or mint M&Ms, celery with peanut butter.
What would you do if you were a billionaire? My lifestyle wouldn't change much. I'd pay off our mortgage, do all our house remodel work right now instead of over two or three years, replace my 20-year-old truck with a new one, set up trust funds for our nephews for college, research and give to charity, let DH get all the woodworking tools he wanted, travel. Oh, and I wouldn't want anyone to know I was wealthy.
Places you've lived? Dallas area in Texas, Memphis (Tennessee), Dallas again, Wichita (Kansas), Fort Smith and Greenwood (Arkansas), Wichita again, Prague (Oklahoma), and south central Texas currently.

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