Jun 24, 2008

One LOL meme

I ran across this meme on someone's blog. It is so not me that it made me laugh. So, I thought I'd post it just for fun. Someone else may identify with it and have fun posting it "for real."
1. What's your favorite foundation? I don't wear the stuff.
2. What's your favorite mascara? I don't wear this either; my eyelashes are already dark. I do comb my eyebrows (dark also) so the hairs go the same direction and aren't higgledy-piggledy; I don't pluck them as I'm not in to self-inflicted pain.
3. What day cream do you wear? I don't wear anything. Everything I've ever tried makes my eyes burn.
4. What's your favorite make-up product? I don't wear make-up.
5. What's your favorite perfume? I don't wear perfume either; it gives DH asthma, and me a headache.
6. What are your favorite hand products? I don't wear polish and I won't have a manicure; I keep my nails very short with hardly any white showing. I use lotion on my hands in the winter when they get dry, but that's about it.
7. What are your favorite foot products? Nothing. I keep them bare as much as possible, and I keep my toenails the same way as I do my nails (see above).
8. What three beauty products would you want to take with you on a desert island? Let's see - food, water, and sunscreen. I don't think dying on a desert island is beautiful, so I'll opt for survival with food and water. I know, I'm no fun.
9. The woman I admire most for her beauty: neither are famous, but I admire Sue P. and Jama R. for their strength of character, ability to be themselves, and their devotion to the Lord.
10. The woman I admire for her best sense of style: the same two women listed above; they don't dress for anyone but themselves with modesty and common sense.
11. My ultimate dream: to hear, "Well done! thou good and faithful servant."
12. How I define womanhood: be the person God created you to be, always.
13. What's your favorite fashion magazine? I don't read them. The few times I've glanced through one, I've laughed.

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